Welcome to The Field Generals

When I was 12, I got my first football board game, Statis Pro Football, featuring the 1986 season cards. I was immediately hooked by the impressive defenses of LT’s Giants and Singletary’s Bears. I love passing with Marino’s Dolphins and Montana’s passing. I played the heck of that season, and I still have those tattered cards. Not long after that, I was introduced to my first war games, Kingmaker and Axis & Allies. I spent many weekends playing those games into the early morning hours with friends and my father.

Years went by and I stopped playing games, but I recently reconnected with this passion. I dug out the old Statis Pro cards and bought some other seasons I was missing. I started playing war games as well and slowly built up a collection of both genres. I know own about 50 games, at least 10 of which are various football games. All this led to the creation of this site. Here I will discuss various football games to play (and how good they are to play) as well as blogging about war games I get a chance to buy or play.

I hope you enjoy the site. Please feel free to contact me about football or war gaming thoughts or questions.


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