Living Ratings & Upcoming Reviews

I created this blog for a number of reasons. I wanted a place to record and post my football replays. Eventually, I wanted a place to write about war gaming. And finally, I wanted a place to write about my search for the great football games that are out there. I grew up on Statis Pro. I rated it a 10. Yet, before I get heavy into replays I wanted to see what else was out there. Ideally, I would love to find the perfect replay system that has every available season from 1950 on and run with it, but that’s just not going to happen. Already I’ve learned that I enjoy different games for different reasons. Fantasm would be a great replay system, but unless you plan on living to be 340, doing one the one season using Fantasm would be ridiculous.

This means that as I play and review new games, my ratings for previous ones may change a little. Statis Pro isn’t going to drop to a 6 by no means, but it may not stay a 10 either.

That said, I have several games on deck for review. I start some online classes this week, so it may be the weekends before I can review (and in some cases play) these titles.

Here’s the upcoming list in no particular order:

1. Second Season – I was introduced this last year and have played a handful of games of it.
2. APBA – I just bought a copy of this. I have never played it. When it arrives, I’ll give it a spin. Been curious about this one for some time.
3. Strat-o-matic – The other big dog along with APBA. Admittedly, I have it rated a 6 on BGG, but that’s based off my memory from playing it in the mid-90s. I remember not liking it, but I don’t remember why. I bought a copy and will give this another play with new eyes.
4. Solitaire Football – This is my newest find. I need to print off and cut out the seasons. It seems like an interesting system with much quicker play. Curious to see if it has enough for a good replay of is it more on the lines of Paydirt.
5. Tabletop Statis Pro – It’s basically Statis Pro, but they’ve added a few rules. Like Solitaire, I need to finish printing and cutting this one out. Excited to see if this enhances the system or not.
6. Football Bones – I have the 5 games above, but this and the next game I do not own. I’ve read what the designer has said about it and looked at some sample cards. I’m intrigued and this is on my buy list for the future.
7. 4th Street – Again, this will be a future purchase, but it’s a game I want to play because it looks to have some elements of Fantasm in it. Will be down the road sometime.


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