Wargaming at 40

I feel I’ve given wargaming a bit of a back seat since writing this blog. I’ve been concentrating on rounding out my football game collection, and that might give you the impression I’ve done little wargaming. It’s actual the opposite.

I turned 40 just last month, and while my body may be a little slowed, my mind feels as sharp as ever. That’s good since we seem to be in the midst of a gaming Renaissance if you will. Football gaming may be living in the shadows, but war gaming is alive and well. There are so many great games that have come out in just the last decade, it would simply be impossible to play all of them. A lot has changed since the days of playing Axis & Allies in high school.

I’m lucky that I have three distinct forms of wargaming available to me. Last year, my friend Ric introduced me to his wargaming group. The group, usually 5-6 guys, meets on Wednesdays to play for three hours. We have played everything from epic Civil War games to CDG greats like Virgin Queen or Paths of Glory. Currently, we are into our second month of playing the monster, The Great War in Europe. If I’m not with them, my friend Travis and I get together for some great two player games. Our current favorites are Clash of Monarchs and War of the Ring. Our mutual friend Chris has even hinted at coming to join us sometime, and it’d be great to introduce someone to such a great hobby. And finally, I play solo. Most of my gaming is done solo and I enjoy it, but I do like having the ability to play with a larger group or head-to-head. It’s really the best of all worlds.

Before long, I will post some reviews of war games I have had a chance to play.


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