Updates and a Random Movie Review


As I get bogged down with work and certification classes, I slowly get anxious because I haven’t got much to the table lately. It’s been three weeks since I’ve been able to play with the weekly gaming group. I did get Roll Through the Ages: the Iron Age to the table with the kids, but there hasn’t been time for any meaty war games or football games lately. However, I have managed to get my hands on three new football games: 4th Street, Solitaire, and Tabletop Statis Pro. I have a lot of tedious paper cutting and separating ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to giving these three a test drive. I also have a copy of APBA in hand, but I am waiting till I can track down some master rules before getting into that.

So, to get a little break the wife and I went out to watch the new war movie, Fury. The wife detested it, and I think I may have my date night movie picking privileges yanked for the foreseeable future. However, I really enjoyed the movie.

Though I’ll try not to give much away, here is the required spoiler alert.

As a war gamer, it’s difficult not to look at a war movie from a tactical perspective. Are there some ridiculous things that happen in this movie? Sure. It wouldn’t be Hollywood if it didn’t. You’ll find yourself wondering why the Germans made certain decisions or how one measly Sherman can withstand such an onslaught. Still, there’s some terrific eye candy in this movie. There’s a wonderful battle between a Tiger and some Shermans that mostly become Tiger fodder. The visuals are admittedly brutal, but this isn’t the glorious war movies popular fifty years ago.

Brad Pitt does a good job as the tank commander, but I’d be lying if I said he had a likable character. In fact, it’s hard to truly like Pitt and his grizzled crew. They are brutal, crass, and vulgar. They are still the good guys with an extreme hatred for all things German, especially the SS, but there’s no denying war has changed them. A young recruit joins them early in the war, and the veteran crew seems to do all they can to make him one of them. It may be predictable, but it’s still good story telling to watch the recruit be changed by the carnage around him.

Fury is a good movie and is well worth watching for anyone that has a passing interest in World War 2. It’s not without its cliches, but there’s plenty to enjoy in this movie and gives us yet another reason to appreciate the sacrifices of the Greatest Generation.


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