Pro Football Fantasm Version 2.0

Thanks to a great reader, I ended up obtaining a copy of second version of Pro Football Fantasm with the 1990 season cards. If the original version of the game was deep, this game may have fallen into an abyss. Players were rated in 14 different categories in 1989. In 1990, they are rated in 20. For example, Quarterbacks are now rated for timing, touch, and the ability to read defenses. The depth probably makes a replay implausible for all but the most hardcore of gamers. With so many skills to look over though, it would be interesting to create custom play books that truly play up to a team’s strengths.

Something I have a mixed reaction about is the larger play cards. The numbers are significantly easier to read, but gone is the play outline to give you a feel for how the play actually unfolds.

Everything else seems to remain the same, including the spotty rule book. It’s still a fantastic game and maintains the 9 rating I gave it. The 1990 edition isn’t necessary if you want to own a copy just to try the system since the 1989 edition does appear more often, but it would be a welcome addition if you like the system and want to collect all the years you can.


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