Below is a list of games I own, separated by the football seasons within the games.

1950 – Solitaire Football

1956 – Second Season

1957 – Second Season, Statis Pro

1958 – Second Season

1959 – Second Season

1962 – Solitaire Football

1964 – Second Season

1965 – Inside Blitz

1968 – Second Season

1969 – 4th Street Football

1973 – APBA, Second Season

1976 – Solitaire Football

1978 – Paydirt, Second Season

1980 – Paydirt; Statis Pro

1981 – Statis Pro

1982 – Statis Pro

1983 – Statis Pro

1984 – Statis Pro, Second Season USFL

1985 – Statis Pro

1986 – Paydirt; Statis Pro

1987 – Statis Pro

1988 – Statis Pro

1989 – Pro Football Fantasm; Statis Pro

1990 – Pro Football Fantasm; Statis Pro

1991 – Paydirt; Statis Pro

2000 – Second Season

2004 – Strat-o-matic, Second Season

2005 – Second Season

2006 – Second Season

2008 – Second Season

2009 – Second Season

2013 – Tabletop Statis Pro, Masters of the Gridiron


I own the following war games, listed by historical era





Julius Caesar



Middle Ages

Hammer of the Scots

Men of Iron

War of the Roses

Richard III

Blood & Roses

Age of Reason

Pax Baltica


End of Empire

Seven Years War (w/ French & Indian War)

Wilderness War

Clash of Monarchs

Prague: The Empty Triumph

Hold the Line: Fredrich’s War

Wilderness Empires

1754: Conquest – The French and Indian War


American Revolution


Monmouth (BAR Series)

1775: Rebellion

Napoleonic Wars

Sails of Glory

Field Commander Napoleon

Command & Colors Napoleonics

Fallen Eagles

Native American

Navajo Wars

Mound Builders

American Civil War

None but Heroes

Last Chance for Victory

Gettysburg 150

Battle Cry

The U.S. Civil War

Dead of Winter


Zulus at the Ramparts

World War I

Glory’s End/When Eagles Fight

Kaiser’s Pirates

Fields of Dispair

Paths of Glory

World War II

Field Commander Rommel

RAF The Battle of Britain

Blocks in the West

The Hunters

Silent Victory

Victory in Europe

Triumph & Tragedy

Enemy Coast Ahead

Operation Dauntless


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